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Aviation Developments in India

Having hardly taken a breath after completing mega plane purchases from India, Airbus and Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, are in for another record-setting order from the subcontinent.

In February, recently privatized national carrier Air India signed letters of intent with both planemakers for a total of 470 new jets, plus leasing agreements for 25 further aircraft to ease short-term requirements. A total of 495 aircraft in one go has set a new buying record for the industry.

Now IndiGo is gearing up to gain the title of world record holder. Recent media reports say IndiGo is planning to place orders in excess of 500 aircraft at once. Contracts for the mammoth deals are expected to be signed at the Paris Air Show in June.

Aviation giants Airbus and Boeing are planning to hire Indian engineering talent to meet the increasing global demand for aircraft, reports Bloomberg.

While Airbus would be hiring 1,000 people in India this year, Boeing has been adding 1,500 employees to its workforce every year in the country, the report says. An ever-growing pool of highly skilled English-speaking talent coupled with appointing them at “competitive global costs” is a big draw for the manufacturers.

Boeing’s facility in Hyderabad already employs more than 900 engineers and technicians. On the other hand, Airbus has over 700 people at its engineering centre in Bengaluru and more than 150 in customer services in New Delhi.

Both companies will also manufacture more from India as it offers a more stable alternative to China, the report says. Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said after Air India’s record aircraft order last month that India is well on its way to becoming an international aviation hub.


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