Aviation Trainers & Aviation Consultants


Sanjeev Goel

Sanjeev Goel is the Founder of Institute of Aviation Trainings in Delhi, India and He launched this venture in 2022 looking into the opportunities of evolving Aviation Infrastructure and the need to train Aviation Professionals, Aviation Aspirants, Engineering Graduates and whoever wishes to develop a Career in Aviation.

Sanjeev has been a Trainer & Consultant since 1992 in various domains of Telecom, Management, Soft Skills, Information Technology. He is a Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India having an experience of 26+ years in training & development in the fields of Aviation, IT, Telecom, Management, Soft Skills & French language.

He has the capability to design & conduct training courses for various Industries using Information & Communication Technologies as ICT is the backbone impacting all the Industries.

Sanjeev has written articles on various topics in IT & Telecom and has been the National & International Conference Speaker since 1998. Also, Spoken at Telecom Conferences on emerging technologies & telecom infrastructures.

He is an Aviation Enthusiast and has passion for Aviation Trainings.

Mr. Yogesh Bhandari

Mr. Yogesh Bhandari is a dynamic and competent professional in the field of Logistics and Aviation, Personnel and Administration. He has worked with Japan Airlines for 15 years (JAL) and has fairly good experience and practical knowledge of Logistics and Aviation including Flight Handling and Airport operations, Personnel and Administrative matters.

He has worked in various divisions in Japan Airlines, New Delhi, viz. Cargo, Reservations & Ticketing, Administration, Personnel and HR. He was involved with formulating policies to focus on development of abilities to meet present and future goals, evaluating the requirements, understanding the skills required, identifying the possible sources and selecting the best candidates. He was part of the annual budgeting team for the entire Delhi JAL office (city and airport) and was reporting directly to the Head Office in Tokyo, Japan via Station Manager, Delhi.

During His tenure in JAL, He attended various trainings and seminars at different JAL offices in Far East Asia viz. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and travelled on a personal level globally. At present, He is also a Guest Faculty at Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU).

Mr. P V Chandrashekar

Mr. P V Chandrashekar is an Aviation Consultant with a vast experience of over 35 years in various Aviation Domains.

At present, He is Offering consultancy & Training on Aviation such as Airlines , Cargo Terminal Management, Passenger Terminal Management, Ground Handling. He is a visiting faculty at Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (Govt of India).

His experience is spread over all aspects of Airlines (direct & GSSA) and Airport management. Has worked as Aviation consultant- Cargo Domain handling Airlines conglomerates such as Air China, China Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Malaysian Airlines and Federal Express on the International and Kingfisher Airlines in the Indian Sky, specializing both in Cargo and Passenger handling.

He was responsible for developing marketing plans and driving product knowledge in the market segments for Organizational Development (OD), Coordination and liaison with Government and semi–Government Regulatory Authorities, viz., Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

He has worked with Lufthansa German Airlines in the Cargo division of the German Airlines for more than a decade in Airport Operations, known for high yield and on time performance. He has undergone most of Flight Handling Trainings, including Emergency Procedures, Weight and Balance for Cargo and Passenger types of aircraft, cargo-training programs and other training modules conducted by the company. In recognition of the service rendered, he was transferred to the passenger division of the Airline as part of restructuring of the company.

He started his Aviation career with Air India in the Cargo flight-handling Unit. Also, He has experience in the hospitality industry with East India Hotels, Owners of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, a unit of the International chain of hotels & resorts in the Front Office and Guest Relations.

Mr. Krishnan Adinaraynan

Aviation professional with expertise in Airport Ground and Cargo Operations | Regulatory Compliance | Quality Assurance | Documentation, Manuals and SOPs | Training | Dangerous Goods | Emergency Response

He has over 35 years’ experience in the aviation industry:
  • Led the Quality Assurance and Compliance function at Etihad Airport Services at Abu Dhabi International Airport in the UAE
  • Held the position of Dangerous Goods Post Holder in Etihad Airport Services
  • Certified Lead Auditor – Quality Management System (QMS) and Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Functioned as Member Airport Emergency Committee at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Participated in ‘full scale’ emergency exercises at the airport.
  • Organized and facilitated operations training programs

He has extensive experience in:

  • Planning and implementation of regulatory and industry standards & recommended practices in operations; training, audit and oversight activities
  • Design and development of operational training courses and manuals in accordance with regulatory and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards and requirements
  • Creating management system documents, Operations manuals and standard operating procedures in compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements, industry standards and recommended practices

Mr. Hassan Abdel Maged

Mr. Hassan Abdel Maged is an Aviation Professional in Delivering, Conducting and instructing the following courses:

  1. Airspace planning course
  2. ACAS Training
  3. Airport certification course
  4. Safety oversight Inspectors
  5. Establishing process safety indicators
  6. Establishing internal safety oversight function for the service provider
  7. Safety Management System Course
  8. Human factor course
  9. Integrated safety management
  10. Automatic Dependent surveillance system
  11. ATM Planning for the future
  12. ATS Audit techniques
  13. Risk management
  14. Safety assessment course
  15. Operational risk management and safety assessment

He has extensive work experience with

  • Egyptian Aviation Academy CEO – Consultant for courses development and marketing(EAA)
  • Safety consultant and training manager at KWAIT Company (Integrated International for Environmental Services IIES)
  • EAA Safety Inspector
  • NANSC R&D General Director
  • Safety and Quality Manager (NANSC)
  • Safety Manager (NANSC)
  • Technical Director (NANSC)

He has Membership in Professional Associations and Publications:

  • International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations, (IFAEMA) partner since 2016
  • Committee on ICAO Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) Working Group 2 Task Group 3 Environmental Assessment of CNS/ATM- 2008/2013.
  • The Middle East Regional Monitoring Agency (MID RMA) -2005/2013.
  • Middle East Scrutiny Group for Safety assessment and analysis 2008/2013.
  • ACI ‘African Airports Development Program’ (AADP) 2021
  • Egyptian CNS/ATM planning and implementation committee-2005/2013.
  • Egyptian civil aviation permanent committee for implementing the national runway incursion incident reduction programme-2006/2013.
  • Egyptian civil aviation permanent committee for reduction of incidents-2005/2013.
  • Egyptian Contingency planning committee-2005/2013.

Ms. Surangama Narayan

Surangama Narayan is from Chandigarh. She had a great experience in the Aviation Industry. She worked with INDIGO as a Cabin crew and Lufthansa German airlines (BWFS).

She has been working as an Aviation Instructor and believes that this is one of the leading Industries in today’s time which gives an opportunity to young minds, young talents to grow at such a young age. When people are searching for good colleges and universities, you will be flying in 35000 feet above enjoying luxurious life. This is the Career which makes you financially independent and pay you to travel around the world.

She can train young talents to work in the Aviation Industry as a Cabin crew or as a ground staff.

Her expertise is in Grooming, where you learn how to groom yourself for the airline industry. She teaches different hair styles according to your face, even you will learn how to do makeup or what kind of products you should use. She also guides you to maintain your body weight of which BMI is very important for Aviation.

Next is Communication, it’s the most important part of your journey in aviation because you will learn how to communicate with people. You’ll get a chance to learn customer service skills. Also, how can you confidently speak English in front of passengers. And most importantly how to pronounce the common words which are used in the Aviation Industry every day. It will enhance your personality and give shape to your thoughts.

She will make you learn Aviation terminologies, different bodies of Aviation for example DGCA. All important things about the Airline industry.

She emphasizes on Personality development. In this part you will learn about body language, About facial expressions and also body postures. Personality development is the course which enhances the personality and gives a new confidence to a person to face the passengers. And last but not the least bonus point for the candidate who will be the part of the Aviation Industry, She can guide the young aspirants looking to have a career and give tips to Crack the interview.