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Training Course on Air Cargo Handling and Logistics in Delhi India

Indian air cargo and logistics sector

There is tremendous growth and optimism to the Indian air cargo and logistics sector. The government’s ambitious schemes and initiatives such as PM Gati Shakti National Masterplan, Krishi Udan 2.0, National Logistics Policy, and Self-Reliant India, have not only instigated potential to invest in the Indian supply chain business, but also propelled foreign interest and participation.

With the incredible cargo infrastructure and technological developments taking place across India, such as the emergence of dedicated freight corridors, cold storages to move and transport pharma, agri-produce and perishables, transhipment hubs, Grade ‘A’ warehouses, regional cargo complexes and terminals, and national highways among others, industry stakeholders are moving forward towards achieving the government’s vision of 10 million tons by 2030.

The key growth drivers are believed to be e-commerce, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive and other industrial goods. Dedicated freighters will help in achieving full capacity and cargo volumes. For example, IndiGo recently introduced freighters with orders of four A321 P2F aircraft. Blue Dart is also adding two B737s to its existing fleet. Pradhaan Air Express, the country’s youngest cargo airline, is bringing in new dedicated freighters in February 2023 to meet growing demand and initiate cross border e-commerce from India.

DHL and UPS are poised to increase its capacity in India. Digitalisation and sustainability will take over in 2023. The Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs) with UAE, Australia, and UK and the like will boost EXIM for India with these countries. The domestic logistics is seeing a big surge in cold chain logistics. The Food and Vegetable industry backed by Ready to Eat (R2E) and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) is seeing a double-digit growth.

According to Research and Markets’ latest data, the country’s air freight market is estimated to be US$12.41 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach US$16.37 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.7 per cent. The Indian government’s air cargo policy, which seeks to make India among the top five air freight markets by 2025, and efforts to create air transport shipment hubs at all major airports over the next few years, will be key to advance industry growth.


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Role and Importance of Air Cargo

2.       Concept of Gross Weight & Volume Weight

3.       Updates on Rate Calculation

4.       Documentation by freight forwarder & IATA (booking of shipment with airline, execution of Air Waybill) & transportation of shipment to airport for customs

5.       Master Air Waybill

6.       Consolidation of shipments & role of Master Air Waybill & House Air Waybill

7.       Interlining & Trans-shipment

8.       Special Cargo Acceptance and Handling (PER, PIL, AVI, HEA, DIP, DGR, HUM etc.)

9.       Live Animals Handling

a)       Packing & Packaging

b)      Shipper’s Declaration

c)       Special Instructions by Shipper (feeding & watering at Origin, Transit & Destination)

d)      Weather conditions

e)      Health of Live Animals

f)        Transportation by air

g)       Notification to Pilot

10.   ULD (Unit Load Device), types of ULD

11.   Build-up of Unit Load Devices

12.   ULD loading on aircraft

13.   Cargo IMP Codes

14.   Importance of surface transportation and Road Feeder Services

15.   E-Commerce

16.   Supply chain management & 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

17.   Cold chain management

18.   Reverse Logistics

19.   Challenges & Solutions for Freight Forwarders & Airline Operators

20.   Non-delivery of shipment & its disposal

21.   Clauses & Claims for Damage, Delay or Loss of Shipment

22.   Warehouse Safety

23.   Importance of Cargo Security, ACC3, RA3

24.   Role of IATA, DGCA & ICAO in aviation

25.   Regulators in Indian aviation

26.   Role of aviation in sustainable development goals by United Nations

27.   Other miscellaneous



Mr. Yogesh Bhandari is a dynamic and competent professional in the field of Logistics and Aviation, Personnel and Administration. He has worked with Japan Airlines for 15 years (JAL) and has fairly good experience and practical knowledge of Logistics and Aviation including Flight Handling and Airport operations, Personnel and Administrative matters.

He has worked in various divisions in Japan Airlines, New Delhi, viz. Cargo, Reservations & Ticketing, Administration, Personnel and HR. He was involved with formulating policies to focus on development of abilities to meet present and future goals, evaluating the requirements, understanding the skills required, identifying the possible sources and selecting the best candidates. He was part of annual budgeting team for the entire Delhi JAL office (city and airport) and was reporting directly to Head Office in Tokyo, Japan via Station Manager, Delhi.

During His tenure in JAL, He attended various trainings and seminars at different JAL offices in Far East Asia viz. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and travelled on personal level globally. At present, He is also Guest Faculty at Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU).

Training Course on Air Cargo Handling and Logistics in Delhi India

Key drivers

  • e-commerce: The growth of the sector will continue to drive demand for air cargo and logistics services. The companies will want dependable transportation solutions to transfer large volumes of goods across the globe.
  • Innovation: The adoption of new technologies such as drones and autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things are likely to play a significant role in driving growth in the sector. These technologies can help streamline processes and improve efficiency, which can help reduce costs and improve competitiveness.
  • Infrastructure improvement: Investment in transportation infra such as airports, roads, new warehouses, and distribution centres, will help improve the performance of the supply chain by reducing the time it takes for goods to be delivered to its destination. In turn, increasing the growth across the logistics sector. strategies

In order to move forward in this ever-evolving industry, one approach is to establish lean operations, which focuses on optimizing processes, minimizing waste, and increasing customer value. Reorganizing workflows, standardizing procedures, and leveraging data and analytics to drive improvement.


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COURSE DURATION – 20th Nov 2023 – 1st Dec 2023


CLASSES WILL BE HELD – 10am till 5pm at Delhi, India



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